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Worldwide Digital Maps

Worldwide Digital Maps and Detailed Socio Geo Demographics by Country, Region, Block Level, Major Cities and Populated Areas. Available in different formats: KML, Google Earth , Oracle Spatial, ESRI, (SHP), Mapinfo(.Tab) and many others.


The simple, professional way to enhance Geographic Business Intelligence (GBI) fueling your Decision Making with updated Information, Digital Maps, Images and GeoData along the Americas and The Caribbean.

GeDots – Geocoding

Locate your information on a digital map by using Geocoding. Use your native customer databases and connect to our professional GeDots engine with: Servers, PCs, Tablets or Smart Phones.

Custom Data and Analysis

Learn about the strategies, engines and fuel behind Geographic Intelligence for developing businesses Worldwide. Geobis International offers a variety of services for helping growing your business, learn more about the different alternatives available.

Land Use 2D Maps

The 20m Region Planner is a medium resolution database for use in Radio Frequency Planning in urban and rural environments. Data layers include a Digital Terrain Model, Clutter, Linear Vectors and Ortho-imagery.

Mapinfo GIS Software

Available from Pitney Bowes Software formerly known as MapInfo Corporation world leader in the GIS techology: MapInfo Professional, as well as personalized developments for platform and architecture linked to local and enterprise databases.

3D XYZ Data and Maps

3D topography databases for all of the countries around the World. In many cases, we have highly detailed information that permits us to deliver information for DEM models, 3D info and native layers of level curves for different types of industry and applications.

EDX Propagation Analysis

Propagation analysis using one of the most powerful tools on the market, EDX software from Comarco Wireless, powered with Geobis International 2D and 3D Digital Maps. Different engines are available according to wireless requirements.

Skyline Globe Enterprise

Skyline for Command Control Centers Intelligence and Informatics technologies for local Government requirements, including 3D maps and real time integration of strategic information of all military and police forces involved.