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A good market territory strategy starts with the understanding in how and where our resources will have the best results.

Site Analysis

When detailed information is required to know, what is there? Nothing better than a good isochrone site analysis.

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Geomarketing on the Web, in an easy way with the new MapSimplicity across the Americas and the Caribbean. A true decision making engine for the professionals doing marketing and site analysis‏.

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Location is the mere beginning, Geocoding customers and competitors data allows to visualize information you never imagine.            

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MapSimplicity Mexico, ask for a free demo of the new version with demographics and purchasing power vintage 2013 ... y pongale mucho picante

About 2 weeks ago from Geobis International's Twitter via Twitter for Android

Foursquare announced today that Internet Media Services (IMS) will act as the company\'s exclusive ad sales partner in Latin America.\n \n
The Toyota Rav4 Rubik’s Cube is a Facebook game that allows consumers to upload photos and share personalized cubes.\n \n
When Latin Americans return to the old neighborhood, but are not always welcome.\n \n
There\'s no doubt that a new breed of entrepreneurs is emerging, and multicultural business owners are catering to the changing tastes and influences of the American consumer.\n \n
Jennifer Lopez launched a new mobile brand aimed at the Latino market that she describes as the first social shopping and social commerce environment in wireless.\n \n
How developing a space that leverages Latino culture to attract both Hispanic and mainstream audiences could benefit Latinos.\n \n
How do you change a deeply ingrained behavior? It might take more than a racy illustration.\n \n
Are conservatives really ready to embrace Latinos?\n \n
When the white smoke poured out of the Sistine Chapel it wasn\'t simply the announcement of a new pope, but it also ignited a strong Latino reaction in social media.\n \n
What happens when there\'s no longer a mainstream? A few words of advice to all marketers, regardless of their stripes.\n \n

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