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We Help your company growth with our  20 years experience in GeoMarketing and Mapping Industry,  making Geobis the  leading company with powerful tools and worldwide information.

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Location is only the beginning for decision making in many industries, select the best alternative according to your requirements and buy from Geobis.

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GeoMarketing in use

What is there?
Site Analysis helps on this.

How and Where?
Market Analysis makes it.

Market Resources
Notes from our CEO.

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Geobis International
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Geobis International

GeoMarketing Data

Worldwide Digital Maps
National and City Detailed.

Detailed Population and Strata.

Purchasing Power
How much people expend.

Consumer Expenditures
25 Different Categories.

Daytime Population
Alive Demographics.

Store Location

Tips and tricks for store location, learn how to develop you store chain and open new branches knowing What is there.

Market Analysis

How and where two big questions can be solve with ranked opportunities located at the market scenarios.

The Cloud Market Platform

Analysis with the appropriate information allows the best understanding markets and customers.

What do I need?

Documents related to different industries will help you to understand how Geobis can help your company growth and market strategies.

Demographics & Strata

Population by age and gender, Socio-Economic strata detailed by block level for main capital cities around the world.

Geobis Digital Maps

Worldwide Digital maps and detailed Socio Geo Demographics by Country and main capital Cities up to  Block Level.

MapSimplicity - The Global Cloud Market and Business Superplatform

Hispanic and Latino Market Opportunities

Brochures and Manuals