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Market Analysis

A good market territory strategy starts with the understanding in how and where our resources will have the best results.


Isochrone site analysis map for business strategies

Site Analysis

When detailed information is required to know, what is there? Nothing better than a good isochrone site analysis.


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Worldwide Digital Maps 2D & 3D, Demographics, Purchasing Power, Consumer Expenditures and Daytime Population.

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Location is the mere beginning, Geocoding customers and competitors data allows to visualize information you never imagine.




When localizing a website, consider the quality of translation services to include transcreation, cultural sensitivities, and language to enhance search engine optimization.
The two e-commerce giants are changing the game for local commerce, and here are three things you can do about it.
Amazon\'s new Home Services may help the e-commerce giant cement its status as a local service marketplace provider across the country.
During her session at ClickZ Live New York, Jori Ford discussed how to reach consumers when they\'re searching on their mobile devices.
Geo-targeting allows marketers to target consumers where they are, but it should be used as part of a larger, omnichannel strategy in order to create the most effective marketing.
When it comes to forging a global e-commerce strategy, localization is key.
At this week\'s Mobile World Congress, Pizza Hut and Visa rolled out plans for a connected car that allows users to order, pay, and have pizza delivered right to their cars using beacon technology.
What should national brands who want to market locally focus on in the coming year? Here are three areas to concentrate on.
Website translation is about so much more than just language – SEO, cultural nuances, design, and localization all play a role.
As McDonald\'s struggles to capture the mobile Millennial demographic, the world\'s largest fast-food chain outfitted one city\'s franchises with beacon technology, with much success.



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