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Geographic Business Intelligence Solutions

Leadership and regional presence make Geobis International one of the most important companies worldwide in terms of innovation. For 20 years we have been concerned with providing the best and most up-to-date business intelligence tools to make efficient decisions.

Geobis has been actively involved in the growth of GIS technology in the last two decades in a wide variety of industries and regions. Our CEO, Jair Morales, President & CEO of Geobis International. Graduated from Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia in 1991 with a degree in Civil Engineering and specializing in Geographic Mapping Solutions for emergency services. He began his professional career working with the former GIS leader of the mapping industry, known as Atlas GIS of Strategic Mapping Inc. in Silicon Valley, California, USA. He then went on to develop other projects in different Southern and Central American countries with Esri GIS in Redlands, California and GIS Mapinfo in Troy, New York. In the next 5 years he participates in the GIS Software business and works with Geoscape International as an ally in South America, mainly providing regional maps for Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Geobis MapSimplicity Analytics Market Sizing, specializing in the art of GeoMarketing’s decision-making technologies around the world, based on the concepts and developments of the MapFactory division, produces and maintains strategic geographic information worldwide to feed platforms in the cloud. Our analytical and intelligent technology will be the focus of your strategy to enhance the decision-making process.

Geobis Team

Geobis International is made up of a team of more than 20 professional consultants who have acquired valuable knowledge, based on the development of important projects for companies of all levels based on the requirements in the industry of geographic and GIS business intelligence solutions.

Marco Puin
Comercial Director
Mauricio Gonzalez
Project Manager
Flor Rocha
Engineering Manager
Alexandra Herrera
Training Manager
Dunnia Rojas
Data Manager
Ingrid Morales
Mapping Manager
Fred Cuevas
Comercial Director