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Geobis International understands you company needs and through our Market Research Service, we will show you the best market opportunities to help you grow your business.

Market territories are very similar to Swiss cheese, they both contain areas of high concentration, as well as areas where there is little density or the famous “holes” that distinguishes a slice. Customers act in the same manner, they are concentrated in some areas or regions where your business should focus a great part of your resources. Identify the areas with the greatest market potential and prepare a strategy to penetrate with your sales team is imperative for any business.


In order to understand the market Geobis adapts to changes in the environment and the consumer. Where access to up-to-date and complete information will make a difference.

We have qualitative and quantitative analytical data necessary for companies to define appropriate strategies and find their place in the market. This information allows you to know your environment, execute expansion plans, analysis and evaluation of places, investment planning, promotions and generally answer any questions with Geo Analytical approach.

Our Market Analysis service allows you to access information such as:


This study is used to establish a specific time when making a tour of an area taking into account the types of mobility such as: auto, bus, walking, resulting in isochronous, which show the concentration of 70% of potential customers and considers it as the strategic area for conducting market studies.


It is a business opportunity, since they are customers who do not consume the product or service offered, but who have or may have the need to consume it. There, all marketing efforts and actions must be taken to ensure customer loyalty as a product customer.


It is to identify which is a potential sector through a determined score based on variables defined by customer. With the ranking we can see which is the priority element to concentrate all the human and economic effort to reach the objectives of the business.


The reports and graphs are presented according to the characteristics that the client chooses, showing what he needs from the study carried out. Graphics use different models and rendering options available such as: Pie, Bars, Lines, etc.


Marketing strategies are actions that are taken to take advantages over competitors, this is done using different resources and taking full advantage of the market, which achieves specific objectives within the business.


A Site Analysis is to determine what you have within a specific area, using everything you need such as rings or isochrones, customers, competition, sites of interest, in order to review how you are and how you can improve the business.


1. Know and identify which areas favor the expansion of your business where full coverage of the potential market is guaranteed.

2. Locate competitively, suppliers, customers and sites of general interest such as banks, shopping malls, schools, companies, industry and millions of strategic points by city and country.

3. Research to measure advertising effectiveness with a focus on positioning.

4. Define more effective areas for your vendors or showcases and guarantee presence according to the demand of your services.

5. To profile and segment its existing and potential customers with more than 50 sociodemographic variables.

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Geobis Market Analysis and Studies allow to see opportunities of markets around the world !


Define adequate market and business strategies according to detailed information  for your expansion plans, site analysis, investments, promotions and general activities  in any territory.

Our Market Research Consulting service allows you to acces information such as:

Market Potential Sizing
Total Market dimension according to Consumers and Purchasing power. The profit analysis.

Market Opportunities
Ranked opportunities according to territories, balance market profile and consumer expenditures. The ideal tool for any Expansion Plan Strategy.

Site Analysis
Based on Isochrones and or ring areas, clear understanding of what is there is the basement for a Break Even Point analysis BEP.

Market Growth Estimations
Core product and similar product sales estimations.

Market Trends
General or detailed characteristics of consumers. Alternative analysis for competitors and products are available.

Cloud Based Platforms MapSimplicity 3.0 & GeDots
Market and Business Analysis can be done with a complete cloud based  super platform ready for support your worldwide decision making. Geocoding alternatives are also available.

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