Is the ability of a family to buy different Products, Goods and Services from their Income!

Geobis International has updated Purchasing Power information for all families living in different countries throughout the region of the Americas and the Caribbean. This data is available at different levels such as: block, neighborhood, city, municipality, parish, state and country.

Knowing that the purchasing power is vital for making better business decisions in any analysis , including demographics or market potential , you can request this information in different types of reports and formats such as:

»  Thematic Maps
»  Custom Reports
»  Maps summarized notes
»  Strategies for Customers
»  Market analysis

»  Network Optimization
»  Products Kick -off
»  Online platforms (MapSimplicity)
»  Applications for Tablets and Smartphones

Purchasing Power Variables

»  Socio Economic Strata
»  Monthly Family Income In US Currency
»  Total Number of Houses
»  Total Number of Householders
»  Total Population
»  Food
»  Cleaning Materials
»  Personal Care
»  Sumptuous Expenses
»  Rent – Mortgage
»  Renovation and Construction
»  Public Services
»  Health
»  Education
»  Transport
»  Entertainment
»  Cable TV

»  Communications
»  Computer Equipment and Internet
»  Drinks
»  Debit Card
»  Credit Card
»  Clothing
»  Cultural Activities
»  Newspapers and Magazines
»  Books
»  Financial Obligations
»  Savings and Investment
»  Thematic Maps
»  Custom Reports
»  Scoring Summary Maps
»  Customer Strategies
»  Market Analytics
»  Network Optimization
»  Product Kick-off
»  Online Platforms * MapSimplicity
»  Smart Phones & Tablet Applications

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