Location Intelligence, locate your business potential near your customers!


When you understand that an average of 70% of sales corresponds to customers located within 15 minutes of a store or branch, it is important to locate them geographically.

Locating customers is only the very beginning, displaying their location on a map allows you to understand and analyze their behavior and relationships with sales, marketing and territories of influence.

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Geobis has products and services for Location Intelligence that assist your company in several aspects:

Uploading Information, Location Maps, Editing, Spider Analysis for Distance Displacement Optimization,

Density Analysis and Customer Profile.

Input Customer Search Analysis with: thematic maps, ranks, and profiling.

Analysis of coverage and areas of influence: Isochrones and Rings.

Point Spider Analysis for Optimal Site Relocation.

Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding directions and profiles of points.

Executive Reports and Maps with strategic and operational information.

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»  Spiders
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• Queries
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