Have you ever wondered about how to cover sales territories
knowing where are the areas with greater benefits?

Market Analysis

It may seem amazing but market territories are very similar to Swiss cheese. They both contain areas of high concentration, as well as areas where there is little density or the famous “holes” that distinguishes a slice.

Territories in a city act in the same manner. Preparing a strategy in order to identify the areas with the greatest market potential and knowing how far to penetrate with your sales team is imperative for any business. Geobis International understands the needs and knows how to efficiently cover these areas.


Market Analysis Brochure

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This holds important consequences because territories are balanced with equivalent market potential, and establishing priorities for coverage and growth is necessary in order to measure the true market potential

Geobis International offers services to assist in the development of different types of Decision Analytics:

Types of Decision Analytics:

In addition to the areas listed above, countries in Asia, Africa and Europe are also available.

• Potential Market Sizing

• Profile Modeling

• Reports: Ranked Scores

• Thematic Maps Prioritizing Trade Areas

• Customized Solutions

• Cloud Platforms: MapSimplicity

• Territories: Americas and Caribbean

Marketing report

• Demography: Population
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»  Buying Power Per Category
»  Customer Location
»  Traffic Generators
»  Points of Interest

• Consulting
»  Strategic Planning
»  Custom Research

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