Worldwide detailed digital map list, at any time if required please ask our nearest representative or contact us directly for the maps required

How to work with Geobis Digital Maps and Socio Geo demographics in different solutions available for doing the work in different industries.

The standard technology known as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is one of the biggest technologies available for browsing and using Geobis Digital Maps and Strategic Data, other important uses are based with Spatial Databases and Business Intelligence Solutions.

Map Engines and Industries Brochure

Different solutions available for doing the work in different industries.


Below there is a small description of the most important categories for your knowledge:

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Worldwide Geobis Map List

Worldwide Geobis Digital Maps detailed list in alphabetic order.


» Banking
» Insurance
» Pharmaceutical
» Security
» Distribution
» Retailers
» Real Estate
» Telecommunications
» Health
» Advertising
» Epidemiology
» Engineering
» Marketing and Sales
» General Business
» Tourism
» Govermment
» Military Forces
» Cadastral
» Mapping and GIS companies
» Transport
» Worldwide Organizations
» Others please ask


» Geobis EZU
» Geobis GIS
» Geobis MapSimplicity
» Mapinfo
» Arcview
» Arcinfo
» MapXtreme
» Oracle
» Cognos
» Google
» Open GIS
» Idrisi
» Terra
» Autocad
» OpenMaps
» MapServer
» Qserver
» Others please ask

Vector Maps Formats

» Geobis
» Google Earth Pro
» Oracle Spatial
» Esri (SHP)
» Mapinfo (TAB)
» Postgres Spatial
» DXF (Autocad)
» Garmin
» Others please ask

Map Samples

See some samples of the different maps available in digital formats.

Video: The Art of  Maps

Take a couple of minutes to see our new video about mapping. “The Art Of Maps”